Yacht Charter Management

After evaluating the pricing opportunities of you vessel and defining together a high season and low season starting price, we will add the yacht to our websites and promote it across our various digital channels.  Thanks to strong digital marketing the websites of The S Collection are gathering a high amount of leads, that our team later prequalifies for you and sends over to your yacht manager for approval. Thanks to our large pool of clients we are capable of offering multiple options for the free days and weeks of use of your yacht. 

Our Charter Team

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Oliver Stuart

Boat Charter Broker

Charles Michel Leke

Yacht Charter Broker

Lucrecia Vogogna

Superyacht Charter Broker

Why Choose Us?


It just needs to make sense.

The S Collection operates on flexible commission structures, adjusting based on whether the deal is direct or involves a third party. We offer competitive commissions to third parties, such as concierge services and travel agents, to boost the promotion of your yacht to the right charter clients. Platforms like Click & Boat, for instance, charge a 10%+ commission, which the S Collection covers. When there is no third party involved, we work on a 15% commission.

Typically, a total of 20% commissions are payable on the gross charter fee. This is divided into a 15% retail commission for the introducing third party and a 5% central agency override for The S Collection to cover charter marketing and management services.

Unlike many large brokerage houses, we provide all retail third parties we work with the full standard 15% retail commission. We do not withhold larger percentages arbitrarily based on the type of company, ensuring a greater number of brokers worldwide are motivated to present and promote your yacht for charter. This approach maximizes your yacht’s potential income.

By listing with The S Collection, your yacht gains a competitive advantage over being listed with larger brokerage companies.

Content Creation

The S Collection has access to the best photographers and videographers on the French Riviera. Our team traditionally used to work on large superyachts and now we want to bring our wealth of expertise to the smaller yacht market. We will create with you a collection of aerial, lifestyle, interior and exterior shots of the yacht to promote it across various platforms. A short video can also be made as well as a virtual tour to provide prospects with the very best experience for your vessel. Our copywriters are capable of crafting journalistic-level yacht descriptions to perfectly capture the essence of your most valued asset.

Our Marketing

Where the clients are. Online.

The S Collection leverages robust digital marketing strategies to promote boat charters primarily online. Our high-traffic websites generate multiple charter requests daily, ensuring a steady stream of potential clients. Our team meticulously prequalifies these leads before forwarding them to the owner, manager or captain for approval, maximizing efficiency and ensuring only the most promising opportunities. By listing your vessel with us, you benefit from our extensive online reach and expert brokerage services.

They Trusted Us

The S Collection has partnered with some of the world’s most renowned brands to organize their yachting events. From chartering tenders for the Grand Prix to creating exclusive experiences for privileged guests in St. Tropez, we ensure exceptional service and unforgettable moments.